We have a vision to become a sustainable company. To acheive this vision we have a strategy that helps our business succeed by contributing to a more sustainable planet. We know we are on a long journey but we are already making good progress.

People at the heart of our sustainability

We fundamentally believe in helping people fulfil their potential. Over the last five decades, we have witnessed millions of people elevate themselves – our job is to create opportunities and enable success. Only then will we achieve our goal of business-wide sustainability.

Sustainability is part our heritage

Since the very beginning we have aimed to be ‘recognised for our commitment to the environment’ and have understood our own ‘responsibility as a good corporate citizen’ (Oriflame Values, 1969).

Our long-term commitment to become a sustainable company is echoed across our business strategy – it is in our core values, our brand commitment to ‘honesty’ and our focus on using ingredients from nature.

Sustainability means that we operate in such a way that we are all able to meet our own needs today, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs’. For more detailed definitions please refer to

Managing sustainability based on impact

Since 2010 we have adopted an ‘impact based’ approach to achieveing sustainability.

We started by identifying and understanding how we impact the world around us - within our own operations and along the length of our value chain. From this foundation we built a sustainability strategy that focused on our most significant impacts and where we have the biggest opportunities to achieve change.

An exciting journey

Our ambition is to become known as a champion for sustainability. If we achieve this, we will be able to use our sustainability initiatives to build our brand and increase credibility among stakeholders. Our five year strategy is detailed in the Oriflame Sustainability Plan and consists of three key areas, 14 goals and 40 commitments.

We will take a positive and comprehensive approach by:

  1. Successful People: we are creating opportunities for people to improve their lives
  2. Great Products: we are making products that bring beauty and wellbeing
  3. Thriving Planet: we are driving environmental sustainability These areas all have a clear link to our material impact and to our business opportunity. We are already making progress against all of them, and will continue to meet our strategy’s time-bound commitments over the next five years.

As well as actually doing the work involved in making our business sustainable, we need to make sure we talk about it. By communicating our achievements we will build pride among our employees and credibility among external stakeholders. The progress we are making can also enhance our brand and enforce the perception of Oriflame as an honest and responsible company.

Progress we are proud of

We have made significant progress towards sustainability in all three of our focus areas. Here are a few highlights:

Oriflame was one of the first companies to use ingredients sourced directly from nature and this is still relevant and important to our Consultants.

The launch of the Ecobeauty range in 2011 was the first global cross-category cosmetics range approved by the four leading independent global organisations - Fairtrade, Vegan, the Forest Stewardship Council and Ecocert.

We have a firm commitment to source only sustainable palm oil. In 2010, we were first major cosmetic company to purchase Green Palm credits covering 100% of our consumption, and in 2012 we were first in the world to launch a foaming product that was certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

We are making significant savings in cost and carbon emissions. For example, we have cut our carbon dioxide emissions by almost 30% since 2010.

We are sourcing credibly certified paper - 98% of our Catalogue paper and 85% of our display packaging cartons were credibly sourced during 2015.

As part of the Oriflame Foundation, we have distributed 1.1 million Euro to children and young women in 2015.

LEED certification of our facilities in Noginsk, Russia and Rourkee, India.

Our business strategy is influenced in a number of ways:

  • All our operations should be characterised by trust and respect. This is the foundation of our Values and Operating Principles. It means that we are open and transparent, we keep our promises and act in a truthful and fair way, in our relationships and our interactions.
  • One of our key Operating Principles is to pursue long-term growth by acting “as a good corporate citizen by showing a strong sense of social responsibility and respect for nature”.
  • One of the four key strategic brand pillars for our products is nature: “We were one of the first companies to develop products with ingredients sourced directly from nature. The inspiration from nature and natural ingredients continue to play an important part in our product portfolio”.