Goal 1: Provide Oriflame's Unique Business Opportunity to Our Consultants



Commitment: Continue to grow the business in order to increase the number of individuals receiving payout from the Success plan1) as well as the total amount paid out to consultants annually. 

Progress: More to do. During 2015 we distributed more than €320 million directly to our Consultants through bonuses and other forms of recognition, slightly down from €330 million in 2014.

Commitment: Help raise self-esteem by doubling the number of consultants trained via Oriflame Academy. 

Progress: On track. In 2015 a total of 100 000 leaders participated in a special one day business training run by Oriflame. In addition approximately 180 000 consultants participated in Oriflame Business and Beauty academy trainings, learning business skills as well as more about our products. The roll-out of the open e-learning platform continued. In 2015 33 of our markets participated, up from 31 during 2014. In total 47,000 Consultants have completed at least one of the e-learning modules.


Goal 2: Use the Power of Our Networks to Facilitate Social and Environmental Progress

Commitment: Reduce consumer environmental impact by providing educational information to 1M people by 2016. 

Progress: On track. We have started introducing environmental messages in our catalogues and through social media, mainly in connection with product communication related to Ecobeauty. We are currently working on a concept to increase communication and reach a wider audience, this will be launched during 2016.


[1] The Oriflame Success Plan is our compensation plan. The booklet Success Plan Leaders Edition is given to Consultants who are interested in earning more and reaching further with their Oriflame career.