Goal 4: Respect the Human Rights of Those Touched by our Operations


Commitment: Educate our employees on our business responsibility to respect human rights. All in global management team by 2015. 

Progress: More to do. Workshops and trainings for selected teams were conducted during 2015 as part of commitment to educate employees. During the fall 2016 the top 100 managers will be trained on human rights.


Commitment: Respect human rights by setting up a corporate HR due diligence process by 2015 which includes the requirement to conduct HR risk assessments for all new markets.

Progress: Completed. During 2015 a human rights due diligence process was outlined. As part of this, an impact assessment was initiated assessing the human rights impacts throughout our business. Our most salient impacts have been identified and we are now working to ensure these are adequately addressed. No new markets were entered in 2015.


Commitment: Continue implementation of the Oriflame Global Supplier Evaluation Program.

Progress: Completed. The roll-out of the 5 step Supplier Evaluation program continued. The self-assessment tool has been further rolled out to global suppliers, suppliers representing 60% of our total direct and indirect procurement spend and more than 95% of our Finished Goods suppliers, currently use the tool. For our high risk suppliers, mainly located in Asia, we conducted sustainability audits during the year covering approx. 35% of the global direct and second tier accessories suppliers.