Goal 14: Reduce Impact From Oriflame Activities, Events, Project and Facilities

Commitment: Pursue LEED©[1] Green Building scheme certification for all new construction and major renovations and pursue environmental effectiveness on all our premises.

Progress: Completed. During 2015 two manufacturing sites received certification using the LEED© for New Construction rating system. The Noginsk production site in Russia received Silver certification and our new Wellness facility in Roorkee, India received Gold certification.

Commitment: Reduce water use at all our factories by 10% by 2015.

Progress: Completed. In absolute terms, water consumption has decreased by 13% since 2010. However, due to a drop in units and changes in product sizes, the per unit consumption has increased by 18%.

Commitment: Reduce water use at all our factories by 15% by 2020.

Progress: New.


[1] LEED© – or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – is a green building certification program that recognises best-in-class building strategies and practices