Commitment: Continue sustainability review of ingredients used across our product portfolio. Review all cosmetic ingredients by 2015.

Progress: Completed. 100% of our current cosmetics raw materials have been sustainability reviewed and profiled.

Commitment: Focus on ingredient impact and work to phase out prioritised ingredients from a safety, environmental and/or ethical perspective.

Progress: Completed. We currently use only a small number of ingredients that feature on the Sin 2.1 list (list of 626 chemicals identified as harmful by NGO ChemSec). We are closely monitoring these ingredients, and address ingredient topics through our Ingredient Integrity Process.

Commitment: Continue to implement the Oriflame Product Safety Evaluation process ensuring a single global safety standard.

Progress: Completed. In 2015 there were no incidences of non-compliance with regulations and voluntary codes concerning the health and safety impacts of our cosmetic or wellness products. The safety evaluation process applies to 100% of our cosmetic and wellness products.